The Founder

Gaile Lok is a Hong Kong based model, actress and fashion designer. As a committed yogi and now mother to be, Gaile balances life in the limelight with a passion for wellness and inspiring others to become their best selves. With the launch of Haplok, Gaile has created every modern woman’s go-to for all things beauty, cooking and yoga.


The founder

After spending years in the public eye, I have discovered the importance of building a beautiful life away from the camera– whether it is cooking a meal that brings my entire family together, chasing waves with my surfboard, or unwinding on my yoga mat. In launching Haplok, I have handpicked my favourite beauty tips, recipes and exercises just for you– so that you too can find a sanctuary in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What is

Our mission

Haplok is a wellness haven that gives you the keys to unlock your happiness. Combining simplicity and magic, each short book presents easily followed steps that guide you in living an unforgettable life.